Lexus Design

The design of each Lexus car follows a simple but effective philosophy that ensures striking and beautiful vehicles every time.

The Lexus vehicles available in South Africa all have some similarities, the main one being the signature Lexus Spindle Grille.

Seamless anticipation, incisive simplicity and intriguing elegance are the three themes that sit at the heart of the Lexus brand. These concepts can be found not just in the vehicle design, but in the design of the showrooms and the experience of a Lexus dealer.

Unitrans Lexus ensures that the philosophy is carried throughout the Lexus dealers in our family and each showroom is beautifully designed with the customers needs in mind.


The F-Sport badge on a select range of our Lexus vehicles highlights a premium sports car version of certain Lexus models. The F-Sport vehicles are dedicated to extreme performance and are tested on the most superior racetracks in the world, such as the Nürburgring and Fuji Speedway, the home of the F-Sport. While performance upgrades are included in the F-Sport vehicles, they are most easily spotted by their design, with their expressive grille, larger rims and more aggressive stance.

Lexus Luxury Cars
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