Lexus Hybrid

The Lexus Hybrid vehicles contain state-of-the-art technology that allows the vehicles to operate on electricity and fuel to create an economical vehicle with high performance.

With our yet philosophy our Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicles are designed to be environmentally friendly yet uncompromising on performance and luxury. Features like the Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission means that you will never experience the change between petrol and hybrid engines or gears, giving an unmatched smoothness in your ride.

The hybrid engines designed by Lexus offer low emissions, fuel efficiency and reduced noise & vibrations during the drive, while still outputting a similar power as the standard counterpart to each model.

The combination of petrol and electricity mean our hybrid engines never need to be charged, with the battery storing excess energy even when the car is turned off. Additionally, the Power Control Unit means that the vehicle intelligently knows when to kick in the petrol engine and when to turn it off, to limit wastage and offer maximum performance.

The way of the future is here with Lexus Hybrid: luxury cars with high-performance engines that are fuel-efficient.

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